Managed solutions for all of your IT needs

Wouldn't it be great to have a company that supports your complete IT environment from your servers and networking infrastructure right through to your phone and cloud solutions? At Cloud9 Solutions, we are a leader in Managed IT Services and are committed to outstanding service.

We understand that every organization operates in their own unique way which is why we will design and propose a Managed IT Services package specifically suited to the needs of your business while also accommodating your future business plans and future aspirations. We can help you achieve your business objectives through our range of managed IT services, tailored to meet your requirements. Cloud9 Solutions will provide your authorized staff full access to our client portal, as well as reports which break down Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) according to your service level agreement. We are a fully open and transparent Managed IT Services provider and will fully equip you with all the information you might need to understand how your IT environment is performing 24X7.

We also provide the latest security services to keep your business protected and safeguard your business behind the scenes as well as managed disaster recovery and business continuity services.

Our Managed IT offerings