Popular cloud computing, storage, and app development solution bundle-able for companies of all sizes

It seems like everything can be found on Amazon, and innovative solutions to your business IT problems are no exception. Amazon Web Services are a popular cloud computing, storage, and app development solution bundle-able for companies of all sizes. Why are we raving about it here at Cloud 9? Because Amazon Web Services is a low-cost solution that provides access to options out of reach for most small businesses.

But it's a complicated platform that takes a team of experienced IT professionals to configure and administer.

It is one of many popular solutions to cloud computing storage in which we are well-versed. The combination of Cloud 9's IT finesse and Amazon's unbeatable price and flexibility is a match made in business heaven.

Amazon Web Services bundles an exhaustive amount of solutions and platforms that span from simple web hosting to VR and game development. AWS equips Cloud 9 with the power to meet your most common business objectives.

Amazon Web Services starts solving your business data problems by offering many options for fast and accessible storage. With many scalable storage systems, your company can store files, images, documents, etc. An archival storage option is also available for long term storage of files for years. There are also options for interactive systems for remote desktops.

AWS indexes all this into easily searchable and accessible databases for the retrieval of frequently accessed sales information.

AWS has specialty tools to facilitate the easy migration of all your locally stored data to its cloud storage and computing systems that drastically reduce the time to migrate such vast data quantities. This reality translates to less downtime and more money saved.

Amazon Web Services integrates astute security into all its services and even provides added IT security for your native services outside of AWS. AWS offers you identity control and verification for access to critical files and the separation of workgroups into tiered information access levels with applicable encryptions keys.

Couple this with web security, and your business is protected from just about any potential cyber threat with AWS's integrated firewall that prevents virus and malware installation, DDOS protection to keep your websites up and running, and SSL encryption of data.

Amazon Web Services

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