Microsoft Azure is the premier cloud computing option in the Microsoft Bundle offered by Cloud9. Innovate to the extreme and take your business to new heights with integrated cloud services backed by Microsoft's expertise and Cloud 9's years of experience.

Microsoft Azure, administered by Cloud 9, helps you obtain your business objectives by providing a proven framework for your business on the Cloud. More than just a remote storage server, Microsoft Azure puts the power in your hands to accomplish any necessary task

Microsoft Azure is five times cheaper than AWS, increases productivity up to 25%, and the ROI for Azure implementation is as high as 400%.

Migrate Confidently

Microsoft Azure is the safest way to migrate your locally hosted business data to the cloud server. With Microsoft's team of experts combined with Cloud 9's team of experts, the Cloud's transition is a seamless experience.

Upgrade Security

Microsoft has been battling computer security threats since its inception. Bring those 30+ years of security to your business. With 8 trillion signal threats analyzed daily, Microsoft is the strongest shield your business could have. Azure's security brings you into compliance with over 90 different security standards. Better yet, Microsoft holds high its ideal that you own your data. Not a single byte your business produces will be used for marketing or insight in any way.

Transform Your Data

Drive the business forward with a hawk-eye view of your data. With advanced analytics that only Microsoft can offer, you can increase your potential and highlight previously unknown areas to reduce costs, increase savings, drive sales, and raise productivity. All of it is automatic, handled by AI with your business objectives in mind, and it's all 100% Scalable.

Optimize Savings

Microsoft Azure not only hyper-analyzes your data but its own too. Highlight areas of underuse and shed needless additions to the Azure suite to trim down to bare necessities and trim down costs.

Microsoft Azure

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