Posted on Apr 29, 2024 | 3 mins read time

Destination Auto’s IT team can efficiently serve hundreds of staff thanks to its long-running partnership with Cloud9 Solutions.


Destination Auto, a leading automotive dealership, has partnered with Cloud9 Solutions over the past five years to manage its IT infrastructure and provide strategic IT consulting. 

This collaboration encompasses server and network management, including switches and firewalls, along with firmware updates and security patches. 

Destination Auto retains control of first-line support for workstations through a hybrid Managed IT Services model, utilizing Cloud9's advanced ticketing and ScreenConnect solutions to ensure seamless support continuity. The Cloud9 team provides more specialized level 2 support and above, as well as providing some overflow and after-hours support services.

The Challenge

With a vast and complex IT infrastructure and hundreds of seats to support, Destination Auto needed a reliable IT partner with a broad range of technology skills, and the ability to resolve issues quickly.

The Solution

Cloud9 Solutions not only manages its core IT infrastructure, but also provides strategic consulting services to guide Destination Auto on its technology roadmap. 

Ranjiv Manak, IT Manager for Destination Auto, explains that the foundational element of the partnership is the high levels of trust, built over years of consistent and reliable service. 

"Overall, we have a very trusting relationship. Cloud9 is always looking to help us in a way that is good for us," he notes. "The responsiveness and ease of access to the right specialists at Cloud9 are unmatched. They make you feel like you have an expert at your fingertips,” adds Ranjiv.

Cloud9’s deep experience and history of Destination Auto’s IT environment means that the team can recommend practical and cost-effective solutions. With Cloud9 in its corner, Destination Auto is able to stay safe from threats and in-position to benefit from new waves of emerging technologies.