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Things to Look for When Choosing a Managed IT Services Provider

Picking the correct Managed IT Services for your business can be tricky, but our abilities, as a high-end IT Consulting Firm, are specifically developed to make your decision easier... Read on to find out more.

Here at Cloud9 Solutions we know how hard it can be to effectively choose the correct IT Support Services for your company. With the correct Managed IT Services you will have nothing to worry about – but choose the wrong package and you might end up confused about software that you might not even need. With a little help from us it doesn't have to be this way – so read on to find out what you should take into consideration before you choose a Managed IT Services provider.

IT Infrastructure is Daunting

Outsourcing your IT Support isn't just time saving, cost efficient and more productive – it is also essential. As more and more industries and processes become digital, we as business leaders need firms we can trust. IT Support needs to be on point at all times. Without the correct systems in place a business can falter before it even gets off the ground!

A prime example of the importance of outsourcing your Managed IT Services to the correct provider is that of UK banking firm TSB. In early 2018 they changed IT service providers to a new firm that was frankly unable to do the job to the usual high standards their customers expected. As a result, this well-established firm lost £107 million GBP. If it hadn't been such a high-profile firm to begin with, they would have gone under – and all thanks to an internet banking glitch that saw clients unable to log on. You can read more about this scandal via the Independent newspaper.

The moral of the story? Follow our considerations for choosing the correct Managed IT Services for your company and don't get caught out.

Considerations when choosing the right Managed IT Service for you

Managed IT Service Providers (MSP's for short) offer a fairly broad service spectrum owing to the constant new developments in software coupled with the difference in IT needs across all spectrums of industry. To narrow it down you need to know what your business needs exactly... and that's why we are here to help!

Keep to your Sector

The Best MSP's, regardless of which sector they cover, are ready and willing to work as a team to get the job done. You want a company that blends seamlessly alongside your own and that means choosing one that specializes in IT support for your sector of industry specifically. These are the best group to choose from since they already have a good idea of what your needs are in a vague sense.

Define Goals and Expectations

In order to get the best from Managed IT Services you need to define your own goals and expectations from the very start. Even the best MSP won't be able to define what you need done for you – so call a team meeting and discuss exactly what your staff need from their IT systems. This might involve bringing in an IT consultant to help you examine your options... don't forget we here at Cloud9 Solutions are able to assist!

Examine Service Agreements

If the MSP you are considering hiring doesn't want to sit in on staff meetings, doesn't engage on a workforce or employee level and prefers to work from out of your organization then this may not be what you want. The best managed IT service providers also work with data analytics, advanced application monitoring and other methods of ensuring they are giving you the best possible service. If this doesn't sound like the firm you want to hire then reconsider, the more involvement they have with your day-to-day operations the better the results will be! Examine the service agreements of multiple firms before committing and look out for things like regulatory compliance as a typical service that might not be supplied by lesser firms. 

History & Reliability

Examine the history of any MSP you want to hire carefully. Look specifically for any security or data breaches in their past. If there is even a hint of a scandal, then shop elsewhere. Cyber security should be high on your list of priorities when choosing IT support. Data protection is also an issue that the modern MSP will take care of on your behalf, but always double-check with your provider. As well as ensuring all regulations are obeyed a good MSP will also have a history as a reliable, reputable IT support provider. A little Customer Testimonials can go a long way – especially if the reputation of your firm is at stake!

Adaptability and Research

The best Managed IT Services for your firm will have the flexibility to stay and work with you long term. That doesn't mean that the plan and service should remain rigid, but rather that it should be constantly updated and reviewed to ensure that your IT services are always at their best possible level.  With this in mind, try to choose companies which invest heavily into research and development.  In five years time the technology your service uses today will become much changed, so you need a company that stays on top of this and communicates all changes effectively back to yourself.

Still need Help?

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