Posted on Apr 9, 2024 | 3 mins read time

Cloud9 Solutions’ Managed IT Services help to enable a thriving community within Gibsons, British Columbia. 

For the past several years, Cloud9 Solutions has been a crucial IT partner for the Town of Gibsons (the Town), a picturesque community of about 5000 residents, on British Columbia's famed Sunshine Coast. 

“We rely on the Cloud9 team heavily,” says Tracey Hincks, Manager of Corporate & Legislative Services, explaining that Cloud9 provides comprehensive Managed IT Services to the Town and its 50 full-time staff members.

Tracey recalls a critical moment when a server failed—leaving the team without access to key financial software and data, in the middle of a financial audit.

Though this happened during a weekend, the Cloud9 team immediately tackled the issue, and restored services within minutes. “We received a call from the CEO of Cloud9, to confirm that the issue had been resolved—it was incredible service. You could see that they really cared about the issue.”

Gibsons relies on Cloud9 technology for many of its municipal services, particularly in managing its wastewater treatment and water distribution systems. “With Cloud9, we’ve implemented remote functionalities for these systems, allowing adjustments to flow pressure with the press of a button,” explains Tracey.

Staff conducting inspections in the field now use iPads to capture new reports or issues and upload them to the central systems from wherever they are.

Cloud9 has also been instrumental in maintaining the Town’s Global Information System (GIS), a complex mapping system that includes details of all municipal infrastructure, such as pipes and fire hydrants. This system is vital for planning, maintenance, and emergency response within the Town.

“The Cloud9 team's technology expertise, combined with their quick response times and the ability to provide on-the-ground support when needed, makes them an invaluable partner,” notes Tracey, “through technology, we’re better able to serve our community.”

Gibsons lies on British Columbia's sunshine coast, just north of Vancouver