Posted on Apr 30, 2024 | 3 mins read time

Cloud9’s Managed Services improve uptime and security levels, while lowering costs.


Alive Publishing and Canada Wide Media are prominent players in the publishing industry, known for producing a wide range of publications and content across various media platforms.

For several years, they’ve relied on Cloud9 Solutions as their technology partner – which provides a broad range of Managed IT Services for these publishing companies.

The relationship encompasses support for any issues employees may have with their Macs and PCs, as well as managing servers, hosting websites, updating software, managing licenses, and adding or removing staff profiles.

Conroy Ing, Group VP of Finance for Alive Publishing, describes Cloud9 Solutions as a “trusted partner that helps us with whatever IT issue we may have.” He adds that the IT standards and policies created in partnership with Cloud9 helped with the smooth integration of the two organizations during the acquisition of Canada Wide Media last year.

Cloud9’s no-fuss, hands-on approach has allowed both companies to concentrate more on their main business activities.

Ing says one area where Cloud9 has had an obvious impact is in improving the companies’ cybersecurity defenses, noting how damaging attacks like ransomware can be. Thanks to Cloud9, they’re now better protected against cyber threats, with strong backup solutions and effective recovery processes in place to ensure business continuity and data security.

He says that, overall, the two organizations have benefitted from greater IT efficiency and resilience, improved security, and cost-savings.

“Our partnership has created a secure, effective, and dynamic IT environment, which puts us in the position to excel as a publisher in today’s digital economy,” adds Ing.