Examinining your technology environment holistically

If Cloud9's years of experience have taught us one thing, it's that 90% of computer and tech problems come from the patchwork assembly of systems over time. IT is mission-critical to business success. If its structure is haphazard and unplanned, with parts implemented when needed and problems fixed with duct tape and chewing gum, your business won't succeed.

90% of your IT problems can be solved with adherence to a thorough IT and business success roadmap. Cloud9 is positioned to help you acquire this success by building your tech structure from the ground up and replacing cobbled together quick fixes with permanent solutions. Our goal is to create a guaranteed IT machine that operates in line with your business objectives, with little to no learning curve for your staff.

When you engage Cloud9 Solutions as your IT Partner we will examine your technology environment holistically. This includes operational and community factors as well as technology itself. In our assessment of technology, we delineate between two distinct areas. Enterprise technology, which serves the entire organization and vocational technology, which relates to the current capabilities and future needs of systems for your business.

IT Strategy and Roadmapping

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